Marketing strategies during and after the Coronavirus crisis

Maspalomas 17h March 2020

CholbiMedia online, open for business as usual during the pandemic

Recommended marketing strategies during and after the Coronavirus crisis

Facing such an unprecedented situation, we must sharpen our wits, transmitting positivity and focusing on solutions within our reach to minimize harm, not to current sales, which at the moment are irreparable, but to our brand itself.

Now, more than ever, the term 'brand-reputation' makes more sense if it adapts to the current heightened sensitivity of our consumers. Conversely, any mis-step could reduce public opinion of the brand to an all-time low.

Sales will return, and when this happens, if there is a feeling of victory about the way we have shown solidarity and overcome the virus, there will be an explosion of joy that will be reflected in a surge in purchases and consumption of services.

The time factor is vital: we can´t compare being closed for two weeks with a ban of three months, yet nobody knows how long the current state of alarm will last. For this reason, we have to search for alternative markets right now. For example, restaurants that can´t open could forge communication stategies to let people know if they offer home delivery services, of particular interest to those who cannot or prefer not to leave their homes to buy food in the supermarket.

In addition, art or language academies, as well as any centre offering professional training, can promote an online channel to offer such classes to people via video link, on any of the multitude of platforms available. People will be bored at home and looking for ways to stay busy and make the most of their time in confinement.

 Meanwhile, financial services companies can strenthen the online services they offer, to promote a website that offers solutions to clients' needs.

There are always alternative ways of working and various markets for these. The question is finding them, working with them and taking good care to offer a high quality service.


How do we reach clients during this period of social isolation? Without a doubt, the answer is that we THINK DIGITAL. All of us are confined to our homes or places of work, which is why online communication channels are our most powerful weapon.

Consumption of online content in Spain has shot up since the declaration of the State of Alarm. Let´s take advantage of this market, which is so anxious for information, to get across our messages of hope for a speedy return to normality. This is also an opportunity to sustain engagement by offering tips and strategies for surviving this period as well as inviting practical or humorous stories from our client-base to share online. We may also want to keep our brand in people´s minds with online competitions related to home phography or videos, with the theme relevant to the nature of your business.

We must offer confidence to our clients, so that they know they can count on us, that we are prepared, and that as soon as possible, we will offer them all our services just as before – or even better than before world events stopped us in our tracks.

For this, we must carry on communicating effectively with our followers, via social media, email o even telephone calls (if the service is personalised), that this halt to business as usual is just temporary. We must reinforce the message that we will continue to help people remotely, telling our users: “you are still our priority and we will take care of you”.


 Getting ready for Battle

This is not the time to despair, or simply rest on our laurels. Yes, we are going through hard times, but as businesspeople, now is the time to prepare our carefully-planned strategy for when this period is over, so we can hit the ground running.

As I said at the start, when this passes, the market will be anxious to get back to normal life, albeit having suffered financially in many cases. People will want to go out for dinner again, obtain the products that they couldn´t get during the lockdown period, travel, and return to the gym.

Here is where we should focus our efforts, designing marketing strategies NOW that will capture the attention of the consumer who is anxious to get their freedom of movement and social life back. 

The market will be sensitive and emotional, and we must take this into account while planning our next publicity campaigns by offering them our help and support. These could include special discounts, invitations to events to celebrate our grand re-opening and an end to social isolation. We need to show solidarity with those who have suffered this confinement worst, with those directly affected by the virus.

Our brand needs to demonstrate that it has a heart. This is the key for a triumphant return after the crisis.

Even then, when prohibitions on free movement are lifted, we can´t be complacent. It is vital that we start to prepare our strategies immediately.

Just as current events involving the closure of businesses hit us seemingly overnight, the return to normality will also happen suddenly, given that authorities will try to re-open markets and businesses as soon as possible.


 Let´s get ready to get back to business.

We at CholbiMedia are here to help you. We will plan your return to trading meticulously, designing specially-adapted publicity campaigns so that your business is at the top of its game and attracts more attention than its competitors.

To this end, we recommend the following steps to our clients: 

1)     Ensure that your brand is associated with solidarity to enhance its reputation

2)     Search for alternative markets where possible to continue operating during the pandemic

3)     Ensure ongoing communication with your customers to demonstrate empathy with their challenging circumstances

4)     Design communication campaigns to be ready for the return to work after prohibitions are lifted

Returning to business revitalized, with enthusiasm, positivity and renewed commitment to your customers will ease the transition back to normality.

It´s a cliché but it´s true: we should view these troubled times as an opportunity to work on ways of becoming not only better people, but also more effective businessmen and women.  

To attend to your needs, we are at your dispoisition via the following channels of communication:

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Wishing you good health and a speedy return to 'business as usual',

Juan Femenía Cholbi